"No matter where you're from, your dreams are valid"

Lupita Nyong'o

What happens to our dreams and goals in a global pandemic?

Ever since the pandemic kicked off in 2020, it’s been really hard for people to even think about setting goals or chasing after a long-held dream. 

Most of us have been in survival mode, many have lost people we love and billions have spent long stretches of time in isolation. It feels impossible to plan for next week, let alone trying to think about making plans for the year. 

We’re now faced with a paradox that may never have been seen before in human history.

On one hand, we’re struggling to find the motivation and energy to make big life changes at a time when the world is so unpredictable. We’re anxious and strung out, exhausted from constantly being in fight or flight mode. 

But at the same time, the uncertainty and hugeness of the pandemic has caused so many of us to reflect and reevaluate our lives through an entirely new lens. The media is talking about the Great Resignation — employees leaving their jobs in droves to create a better life for themselves. Companies have moved to Work From Home models en masse and this is encouraging a huge number of people to make sea-changes and tree-changes; to escape the trappings of city life. 

So we’re inspired to change… but we’re also really fricking tired.  

How the hell do you move forward at a time like this? 

This year, let's aim to fail.

Failure has a bad reputation. 

A lot of us have a fear of failure, so we hold ourselves back from working towards our goals because it’s easier to live with the regret of not trying than the anticipated regret of watching our dream die a horrible death before our eyes. 

But failure is having a bit of a revival these days, rebranding itself as a good thing. Even something to strive towards!

Some job applicants have even started listing their failures on their CV, because a prospective employer wants to see all the ways you’ve already been knocked down as well as what you learnt and how you got yourself back up again.  

Because if you’re failing, it means you’re trying. Taking risks. Experimenting to see what works. 

If you failed, it means you put yourself out there and tried to make something happen, against all odds.  

And in a global pandemic, when sometimes you can’t even succeed in securing a roll of toilet paper, it feels like there’s a big chance that anything you try to do right now is going to end in disappointment. 

But failure is not the same thing as defeat. 

When we aim to fail we take the pressure off ourselves and our goals. We’re not asking them to save us or transform our lives. We’re asking them to show us the way forward. 

So this year, instead of chasing after specific dreams and goals, how about we aim to fail more? To put ourselves out there and strive towards things knowing full well they may not work out. To take some risks and see what happens. 

Because maybe… just maybe… we’ll surprise ourselves. 

We might even discover this was the very best time to achieve this goal after all… 

And if we fail? Great!

Now we know a bit more about how to succeed better as we move forward…


Don’t die with your music still inside you
– Wayne Dyer


A little loving accountability and someone to laugh with goes a long way...

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt in the pandemic it’s that life is short and so are our attention spans. 

I used to run a 12-week and a six-month coaching series which included one coaching sessions every two weeks as well as email support in between. However, I’ve found many clients in the current global climate struggle to maintain momentum between calls and progress was slow. 

So this year, I’m launching my Dream Accelerator Coaching Series. 

This is an 8-week intensive accountability program to help you get from where you are now to closer to where you want to be. 

You need to come ready with a goal or dream you want to work towards (and potentially fail at spectacularly!) and I’ll keep you on track with daily check-ins and a coaching session every week, as well as support tailored towards your goal. 

In a research project which has now surveyed over a million people, it was found that about 47% of the population are what they call “Obligers” — people who respond best to other people’s expectations of them, but not the expectations they set for themselves.

You might be an Obliger if you’re the kind of person who will work your butt off for your boss and work late to hit a critical deadline because you know someone’s counting on you… but then you struggle to hit the goals you’d like to achieve for yourself. Like sticking to a fitness or eating plan. Or starting a side hustle you’ve been dreaming about. Or writing a book. 

Obligers are only self-disciplined if they know someone is counting on them, so I will be that person for you. Over these 8 weeks, I will expect you to show up every day, not just for me but for you. I will be the little angel on your shoulder, whispering in your ear and dangling the carrot to guide you forward. 

We can work on whatever you want. No dream is too big or too small! Want to get to the gym three times a week? Write the first draft of a book? Declutter your house? Start a side hustle? Learn a language? Run a marathon? Apply to university? Take up the violin?

Great! Let’s do it! 

I mean, there’s still a big chance you’ll fail…

Because 8 weeks isn’t always long enough to take a dream worth chasing all the way from start to finish, and the shorter dreams could easily be impacted by this ever-changing and unpredictable world we live in right now. 

But hey, we’re aiming to fail anyway, right? And you would be really surprised what you can get done in 8 weeks. You’ll likely find yourself much closer to achieving your goal after 8 weeks of intense but loving accountability than you would slogging it out alone over several months or even a year if you’re just relying only on your own expectations and willpower.  

If you’re going to fail and be disappointed this year anyway (and let’s be honest, in the midst of a global pandemic, we all will at some stage!) then why not shoot for something you really care about? If the pandemic has taught us nothing else, it’s that today is all we’ve got. 

Ready to have a crack at creating the change you want, even if you fail? 

Laura knows just the right questions to ask so I can tap into the answers I need from within. She also has a great way of keeping me on track but not too strict like a sergeant — just a happy medium.

She listens and understands me but doesn’t pity me and still gently pushes me forward — which I really needed. I was also able to cut the procrastination crap and just get on with it, to stop making excuses and projecting things so far into the future that I don’t get on with the things in front of me. 

Before I worked with Laura I was so confused and paralyzed with too many decisions to make in terms of my career and general direction in life. I knew where I wanted to go but did not know where to even start.

Now I am taking a path not many people are travelling on but I finally believe I am 100% entitled and allowed to take this path. This has been liberating, enlightening, empowering and my family have said they can see I have more clarity and confidence after coaching. 

I think anyone who has Laura as a coach in their life is so blessed! I know I am!



Why I’m the right person to help you

Not only am I a hardcore Obliger, but I’m also a multipotentialite — a hyper curious person who feels called to explore endless different careers, cultures, hobbies and interests in my lifetime. 

So I know what it’s like to be constantly inspired to chase dreams I am in no way qualified to achieve… and I’ve seen what a difference it makes to the outcome when I make sure there is someone keeping me accountable and on track. 

As a result, I’ve made all sorts of wonderful things happen in my life and I can help you do the same. 

Here are some things I’ve done that I would be over-the-moon happy to help you with:

  • Writing and publishing a book
  • Starting and running a successful business
  • Travelling the world non-stop and earning an income online
  • Co-founding a non-profit organisation
  • Trekking to the Base Camp of Mount Everest
  • Healing a chronic illness
  • Transforming from shop-a-holic to minimalist and becoming debt-free
  • Moving to a new country
  • Doing the #VanLife thing in a converted school bus
  • Learning several languages
  • Taking singing lessons so I could stand on a stage in front of an audience and sing a song from one of my favourite movies. In Swedish. (Which was tricky because that is not one of the languages I speak. And also because I’m a fairly dreadful singer…)

But if your specific goal or dream isn’t on this list, I can still help. The steps are always the same. And they’re simple. 

1. We work out what motivates you and what kind of expectations you respond to. 

2. Based on those answers, we put systems in place to set you up for success

3. We check-in with each other every day of the week to keep you on track

4. At the end of 8 weeks, we celebrate how far you’ve come!

So if you’ve got something you’ve been putting off until someday and you’re thinking now is the time to get started… or maybe you’ve started but you’re having trouble staying the course… 

Get in touch. 

You don’t have to do this by yourself.

Working with a coach doesn’t take any power away from the achievement. Just look at every Olympian who has ever stood on the winner’s podium. 

Humans are wired to need support and community, so let’s do this thing you’re soul is calling you to do, TOGETHER. 

“Laura’s incredible insight gave me so much clarity and made me feel confident that I CAN do anything and everything I want to do. It was a huge A-HA moment for me.

Laura has this incredible warmth and nurturing way about her. She’s relatable and encouraging but also keeps it real. In our sessions, I felt comfortable being my authentic self and knew that I could talk about anything without judgement. I absolutely love Laura’s energy and passion for life! Her experiences and knowledge about the world and consciousness are inspiring.”


Not Ready Yet?

That’s totally ok.

I believe there’s a right time for everything.

If you’re not quite ready to book a session but you need some help moving forward, you’re welcome to download my free self-coaching program.

In just one day and 25 questions, GPS for the Soul helps you work out where you want to go in life and how to get there.

This DIY coaching program is a little unbirthday gift from me to you when you join my mailing list.

Let’s stay in touch and if you are ready one day, you know where to find me.

“I was lucky enough to work with Laura and experience her brilliance first-hand when I hired her to speak and facilitate a workshop at Phuket Cleanse, the number one wellness retreat in Phuket, Thailand.

She took our guests through her GPS For The Soul process, which they found incredibly helpful and the feedback we received was glowing. Much more than just inspiration and motivation, the guests were blown away by how they could apply the process to their own lives and begin to create meaningful change.

Laura’s ability to be honest, vulnerable and connect with people made this workshop all the more powerful and I would recommend her to anyone.”

Samantha Thomas

Head Life Coach, Phuket Cleanse