Tell Them My Name


Tell Them My Name is an inspiring true story that explores how even the most impossible dreams can come true when unlikely friendships are built across cultures. In this offbeat travel memoir, four strangers from three countries, with barely a common language between them, decide to adopt each other as family and take on the world.


Dar Kumari is an indigenous Gurung woman living in the Nepali Himalayas with her husband Nar Bahadur. Their mud-brick house is in a remote farming village that has no electricity and can only be reached on foot. Their lives are turned upside down when a local NGO sends the Australian author, Laura, and her French husband, David, to live with their family while they help build the mountain’s first library.


Dar Kumari is baffled the married couple show no interest in having a baby and can’t cook rice over a fire or clean a mud floor. Eventually, Laura and David invite their Nepali ‘parents’ to travel with them back to Europe—maybe if they experience the other side of their cultural differences, it might help them all understand each other better? 


Tell Them My Name takes you on a journey through six countries, sharing often hilarious observations about ‘normal’ life in different cultures and shining a much needed light on why so many of us are feeling stressed, overwhelmed and exhausted all the time.

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This I Know Is True


This I Know Is True explores the highs and lows of liberation and life women have experienced—emotionally, spiritually, socially, and physically—as we discover what ‘true’ really means so we can access a fearlessness that will enable us to live our truest and bravest life.

Women, of all backgrounds are making way in the new world, illuminating kind, provocative, practical knowledge and wisdom into a deeply neglected and changing world that are profoundly relevant to all of us.

This I Know Is True is an offering to inspire women to remember that anything is possible when we reawaken our sacred dreams, tap into our power within that can recreate our world for the better. Women have the capacity to transform and forge a brighter path for community progress, for all, and to cultivate connection in our changing world.

This book is made possible by a partnership between Sian Yewdall and the kind press and Laura was invited to contribute Chapter 10 of this beautiful anthology.

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5th February 2022

Tell Them My Name Book Launch • Avoca Beach Theatre

Join me to help launch this book into the world! Afternoon event with a brief movie reel of the book’s story, Q&A, book signing, bubbles and hopefully lots of sunshine so we can kick back in the park afterwards and relax.  

February-March 2022

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