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Do you struggle to finish what you start? Well, I’ve got good news for you…

It might not actually be your fault if you haven’t made your big dream come true yet.

In fact, there might be a really good reason you can’t seem to find the time, discipline or motivation to follow through on your own dreams, even though you’re ultra productive, reliable and efficient when you’re working for someone else.

In a research project which has now surveyed over a million people, it was found that about 47% of the population are what they call “Obligers” — people who respond best to other people’s expectations of them, but not the expectations they set for themselves.


When these people are part of a sports team they’ll never miss a match or training session, but for some reason they can’t find the incentive to exercise alone in the off-season.

If you’re an Obliger, you will work your butt off for your boss. You’ll get into the office early and stay late to meet a critical deadline without giving it a second thought. But you’ll probably struggle to hit the most basic goals you set for yourself, like going to the gym before work, learning a new skill or hobby, or breaking the habit of using your phone when you’re in bed.

Even though you’re an intelligent and ambitious human being and you know your life would be better if you did.

Does this sound like you?

If so, then there are probably few things that feel worse to you than letting someone else down.

You’re likely a fantastic colleague, employee, friend and leader because you’ll go to the end of the Earth to meet your deadlines and responsibilities. In fact, you are the person everyone else seems to count on to get things done.

But when it comes to your own dreams and goals? Not so much…

And it might drive you crazy that you can be so pro-active and productive when it comes to other people’s projects but not your own. Because you have dreams. BIG dreams. But you just can’t seem to find the time or discipline to make them happen.

If this sounds like you, it’s not your fault. There’s nothing wrong with you.

You just need different systems in place to help you reach your goals.

I help dreamers become doers.

If all of this is resonating with you — if you’re nodding like a bobblehead on a dashboard right now — then you’re in the right place.

I know how frustrating it can be to feel like you’ll work your guts out to build someone else’s dream but for some reason you can’t prioritise your own. I know this because not only am I an “Obliger” but I’m also a multipotentialite — a hyper-curious person who constantly feels pulled to explore endless different interests and projects.

My mind generates so many new and crazy ideas to distract me every day that it’s a miracle I ever finish a sentence.

Throughout my 20s I felt like a failure because I couldn’t stick with anything for the long term or finish any project I started. Either I got distracted or bored or just could work out how to show up for myself.

I still remember the day I got over myself and called bull$h!t.

I was managing a campsite in France and cleaning someone else’s poo-filled toilet and I thought “Faark, Laura, what are you doing? You’re 30 years old. You’re reasonably bright. You’re educated. You speak multiple languages. Why are you holding a toilet brush and cleaning someone’s shit right now?”

I’d started and almost completed three tertiary education courses in my 20s, always giving up when I felt called to go travel the world or chase some other crazy dream. I was stuck in entry level jobs earning minimum wage because I didn’t want to live in just one place and couldn’t stick with anything for long enough to really become successful.

After that lightbulb moment I was determined to find a cure for my restlessness. I studied productivity and how to self-motivate, and I learned about the concepts of multipotentiality and being an “Obliger”. Now I understood the reason behind my behaviour but I didn’t want to use them as an excuse.

Instead, I learned everything I could about how to manage these personality quirks so I could build systems and develop tools to use them to my advantage.

Since then, I’ve completed a university degree entirely online. I’ve built two successful location independent businesses and have been able to take my income with me when I travel since 2015. And I wrote a book, even though it took me six years to finish and I wanted to give up hundreds of times in the process.

But I didn’t. Because now I know what I need to do to finish what I start and make those big dreams come true.

Which is why I now help other dreamers put the same systems and tools in place so they can make their big dreams come true, too.

What’s your dream?

If you need some help making a dream come true — big or small — let’s jump on a free 15 minutes discovery call to see if working together might help.

I offer custom packages ranging from a one-off 90 minutes session for $130 to fortnightly coaching sessions starting from $99 per hour, as well as one year, full support, ‘let’s make this thing happen’ 1:1 packages.

No two humans are alike so I don’t have a cookie cutter one size fits all package. First I’d love for you to tell me about your dream and why you’re struggling to make it come true, then we’ll talk it out to see if I can help you.

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